Market Share


  • Life Insurance Statistics covers Life Insurance industry sales and key business statistics relating to life offices in Australia. Data sets: Total Inflows (New Single Premiums plus In-Force Annual Premiums), Total Sales (New Single Premiums plus New Annual Premiums), New Single Premiums, In-Force Annual Premiums, New Annual Premiums, Annual Premium Discontinuances (Surrenders & Forfeitures). Over 10 years history.

  • Risk Statistics including lump sum products (term life, TPD, trauma), income protection and business expense insurance. Data includes: In Force Premiums, New Single Premiums, New Annual Premiums, State Distribution,  Distribution of Benefit and Waiting Periods: In force Individual Income Premiums, New Individual Income Premiums. Over 10 years history.

  • Group Risk research cover group risk statistics attaching to the following products: Industry Funds, Govt Public Sector Superannuation, Stand-Alone Corporate Superannuation and Master Fund Superannuation.

  • Market Overview Reports offer a quarterly snapshot overview of the market comprising of Life Insurance, Risk Sales, ....

  • Direct Insurance Report is an independent investigation into the Australian Direct Insurance Market exploring the key underlying aspects of this growing sector.



  • Risk Distribution Channel - Channels: Life Office Aligned Dealer Groups, Non-Aligned Dealer Groups, Stock Brokers, Bank Aligned Dealer Groups, Direct & Other. Risk Consumer Segmentation - Age Ranges: 18-24, 25-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54,55-64, 65 and over. Risk State Distribution - Total Sales of Individual Risk Lump Sum, Individual Risk Income, Total Individual Risk for Year End and Quarter.



  • Forecast of the Life Insurance Risk markets: Individual Risk Lump Sum, Individual Risk Income and Group Risk. The forecasts have been developed primarily as a source of industry comparative projections for 1 year Business and 3 to 5 year Strategic Planning. The projections are based on economic forecasting and assumptions developed for the projection.

Market Intelligence


  • Risk Minder unique market intelligence covering the Funds Management market within the Australian Life Insurance and Risk industry. Industry News, Product News, Life Insurance Statistics, Group Risk Products Terms & Conditions, Comparison Risk premium rates.


  • Risk Product Benchmarking Report provides research for the determination of Approved Product Lists for use by Dealer Groups and Life Offices. Risk Product Benchmarking uses a set of criteria and weightings as the basis for comparing individual risk products (Term Life & TPD, Trauma and Income Protection) and providers.

Life Company of the Year Awards

  • Life Company of the Year Awards are presented by Plan For Life and AFA (Association of Financial Advisers) based on Plan For Life Risk Product Benchmarking during February each year. Advisers have significant input through completing surveys covering service quality in the critical areas of New Business and Underwriting, Claims, Business Support to Advisers and Quotation Systems. Award categories include: Overall Platinum, Service Quality, Term/TPD, Trauma, Income Protection, Risk Product Innovation.

  • Other Awards include: Annuity Provider of the Year, Long Term Income Stream, Income Stream - Innovation Award and Investment Bond Award.