Weekly Immediate Annuity Rates

  • Weekly Immediate Annuity Rates   
  • Data includes: Total Immediate Annuities, Short Term (1-5 year) 100% RCV, Short Term (1-5 year) Nil RCV, Long Term (6 to 25 year), Lifetime (single, joint), Market Share (FUM), Fixed Term Rates, Hybrid Retirement Accounts
  • Companies reported include: BT Financial Group (Ex Westpac), Challenger, CommInsure.
  • History: Weekly 10 years (available on request)
  • Format: Excel      
  • Frequency: Updated Weekly

Income Stream Reports (sales)

  • Focus on Retirement Market products sales and funds including Allocated Pension, Allocated Annuity and Immediate Annuities.
  • Immediate Annuity Sales Statistics: Number of Sales, Sales $Value, Annuity p.a., Average Price, Average Annuity p.a
  • History:  Quarterly 10 years (available on request)
  • Format: PDF, Excel
  • Frequency: Quarterly

Immediate Annuity Benchmarking

  • Provides factual research material to Licensees on Annuities which may assist them in developing and maintaining their Recommended or Approved Lists for use in their business to advise clients.
  • Review includes consieration of: Financial Strength, Market Strength, Rates, Product Range, Service.
  • Results go towards the Annuity Provider of the Year Award.
  • Companies reported include: BT (Ex Westpac), Challenger, CommInsure
  • History: Quarterly
  • Format: PDF, Excel
  • Frequency: Quarterly Report, Weekly Updates